Българската хотелиерска и ресторантьорска
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15 years
Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association

  • The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association (BHRA) is a member of the International Hotel & Restaurant Association - IH&RA presided by Dr. Gasan Aidi.
  • BHRA is a member of the Organization Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes in Europe – HOTREC presided by Dr. Bernd Geier.
  • BHRA is a member of the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations - BAHA) presided by Amir Hadjich.
  • BHRA is the first professional organization in Bulgaria to bestow an award for best performance in the spheres of hotel and restaurant management, investments etc. This award has been presented since 1996.
  • Since 2002 BHRA has been organizing the annual national competition “Chef of the year” together with the Hotel and Restaurant Organization of Varna. This competition is held within the frames of the Tourism and Leisure Fair in Varna.
  • BHRA is an initiator and founder of the first international tourism market for cultural tourism in our country together with the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo and “Tsarevgrad Tarnov”. This tourism market has been taking place since 2004 in Bulgaria’s capital of culture – the town of Veliko Tarnovo.

The Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association was established in 1993 as a non-profit organization. The main objective of the association during the 15 years of its existence has always been to sustain the development of hotel and restaurant business as well as to support private enterprise and the tourism sector in Bulgaria as a whole.

BHRA merges large and small hotels, the biggest private tourist resorts, traditional and modern hotels and scores of family hotels. The association has developed regional structures throughout the whole country: Sofia, Slanchev Briag, Varna, Bansko, Veliko Tarnovo, Sandanski, Dobrich, Zlatograd, Smolian, Velingrad, Pomorie, Chepelare, Assenovgrad, Kiustendil, the region of Stara Planina, Stara Zagora, Russe etc. Among the scores of associate members of the association are leading Bulgarian companies, producers and partners in Bulgaria’s tourist industry.

BHRA works together with scores of state and public organizations in Bulgaria – the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, the Ministry of Culture, the State Agency for Tourism, various parliament commissions, the National Tourism Council, the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber, the Bulgarian Association of Tourist Agencies, the Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism, the Bulgarian Association for Rural and Ecological Tourism, the Association of Tourism Operators and Tourist Agencies, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Varna, the Council for Tourism, the Bulgarian Association for Balneological Tourism, the Tourist Association “Stara Planina” and the Bulgarian Association of Professional Cooks.

BHRA has a long-term and useful cooperation with its partners from the Bulgarian Economic Chamber, the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bulgarian Commission for Consumer Protection (BCCP), the National Municipality Association in Bulgaria (NMAB), the Kliment Ochridski University of Sofia, the New Bulgarian University, and also with many other regional and local tourist associations and with many Bulgarian municipalities.

BHRA is in process of developing some propositions for changes in the legislation related to the tourism sector in Bulgaria. The association has already submitted its proposals to the Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works and to some other relevant state institutions. Members and experts of the association participate in meetings, seminars and discussions related to the problematic issues of tourism every year. The members of the managing body of the association take part in the meetings of the Parliament Economic Policy Commission, where they defend the ideas of the association regarding the development of tourism and the interests of hotel and restaurant managers in Bulgaria.

BHRA makes proposals and succeeds in achieving some changes in the legislative basis regarding the different laws and regulations: Law on Tourism; Regulation for the categorization of tourist sites; Local Taxes and Charges Act, as amended; Draft Law on the Black Sea Coast; Foodstuffs Act; Health and Safe Work Conditions Law; Road Network Law etc. During the hardest years of the private enterprise and of development of Bulgarian tourism the association has always reckoned on the Bulgarian media in the most crucial debates referred to the future of the tourist industry of Bulgaria. The power of information, the transparency in the reflecting of problems and impediments, as well as the recognition of the success of Bulgarian tourism have been the reason for the effective communication between the national and regional media and BHRA for 15 years now.

Among the most active and awarded members of BHRA are some leading managers and proprietors within the tourism sector who have also been granted with the most prestigious international, national and regional awards. Among them are: Liudmila Nenkova, Krassimir Stanev, Vetko Arabadjiev, Katia Todorova, Stefan Trifonov, Todor Ianakiev, Ivan Alexandrov, Ianka Rahova, Ivan Makrelov, Ivan Pachedjiev, Ani and Rumen Assenovi, Georgi Nikolov, Nikolay Yonkov, Donka Ivanova, Blagoy Vassilev, Veneta Georgieva, Maria Panova, Dimitar Lefterov, Georgi Valev, Ivan Todorov, Stefan Sharlopov, Georgi Naydenov, Elena Ivanova, Mara Doychinova, Slava Kalichkova, Orlin Popov, Yovka Ivanova, Ivan Angelov, Dragomir Dragov and Ivan TodorovGalina Todorova, Ani Pencheva, Ilia Paskov, Georgi Shterev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Kostadinka Vassileva, Liubomir Stoyanov, Rumen Kalaydjiev, Marin Hadjiev, Zlatko Zlatanov, Biserka Ognianova, Georgi Filipov, Peter Lambov, Maya and Ivan Kisiovi, Greta and Hristo Chepishevi, Zdravka and Strashimir Bardarovi, Neli and Plamen Sladkarovi, Diana and Georgi Georgievi.

BHRA provides its members with the possibility to participate in the biggest national and international tourist markets and exhibitions. The association also organizes seminars and training programmes for hotel and restaurant management and different qualification courses and programmes on request. It is laso involved in consulting activities and performs advertising campaigns and public relations campaigns in order to sustain the image of the association, its members and the Bulgarian tourism as a whole.

For this purpose BHRA has been supporting one of the most popular information sites for Bulgarian tourism for 5 years - www.bhra-bg.org. This site presents the entire scope of activities of the organization; it also informs its members of the current issues and problems related to Bulgarian tourism; it announces the achievements, awards and successful performances of its regular and associate members. BHRA is the only non-governmental organization in Bulgarian tourism which has its own history written in two volumes. The history of the association represents the establishment and the development of the association and its regular and associate members. It is called „History between the seasons“ and is written by Mrs. Sonya Alexieva, PR and member of the managing body of BHRA.

The association is also involved in professional qualification and educational programmes, tourism marketing, standartization and categorization of tourist sites. BHRA first awarded and certified a large number of managers and proprietors in the tourism sector as a result from the training programme called “Hotel and Restaurant management” which was implemented in the Center for Additional Education at the New Bulgarian University. BHRA has been granted many professional awards, among which:

  • In May 2004 BHRA was presented with the Crtificate for High Class Institution due to its contribution to the prosperity of Bulgaria;
  • In June the site of the association – www.bhra-bg.org, was awarded with the “Excellence certificate” at the festival “International Media Events television World Albena 2004”;
  • In September 2004 BHRA was granted the award for excellent performence in the field of environment – the European Environment SVT Award 2004”;
  • In May 2006 BHRA received a certificate High Class Institution due to its contribution to the prosperity of Bulgaria from the National Experts Convent;
  • In December 2007, on the third anniversary of the „Happy Weekend“ magazine BHRA received a special award and was pronounced and honoured as the first organization in the field of tourism to establish a creative contact with the magazine.
  • In December 2007 some of the members of BHRA were awarded with prizes at the regular congress of the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA) in Belgrad, Serbia: the award for „Best SPA resort on the Balkan Peninsula for the year 2007” was presented to Park Hotel Pirin in the town of Sandanski which belongs to the hotel chain «Sharlopov Hotels»; the award for «The best restaurant chain for the year 2007» was presented to «Happy» restaurants; the award for «The fastest developing hotel on the Balkans for the year 2007» was won by Astreia SPA Hotel in Hisar in the category of SPA Hotels and resorts.
  • In February 2008 under the twenty fifth annual international tourist market „Vacation and SPA expo” BHRA was presented the award for «Overall performance, long-term and active participation and contribution to the recognition and sustainability of the market's image».

BHRA initiated the establishment of the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA) which took place on the 17 of September 2005 in Ohrid. The states members of the alliance make common efforts for the prosperity and development of tourism on the Balkan Peninsula and for the popularity of Bulgarian tourism, for the promoting of the members of the alliance at the international tourist markets. Mr. Blagoi Ragin, the director of BHRA, was elected as the first president of the Alliance with life-time duties.

In June 2006 BHRA organized during its presidency the first formal meeting of BAHA under the patronage of the President of the Republic Mr. Georgi Parvanov. In September 2007 BHRA celebrated two years from the establishment of the Balkan Alliance of Hotel Associations (BAHA) by organizing a round table dedicated to the subject „development of tourism on the Balkan Peninsula” in Sofia at the Jasmin Hotel resort. Among the guests were the President of the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA) – Dr. Gasan Aidi, members of the Managing body of BHRA, many official representatives of governmental and non-governmental tourist organizations.

In June 2008 BHRA organized a special charity ball on occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the association under the patronage of the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ivaylo Kalfin and with the support of the State Agency for Tourism. A part of the raised funds were to be donated for the equipment of a practical training hall for professional cooking at Sofia's College of Tourism. One of the numerous initiatives of the association related to its anniversary include the publishing of the catalogue of «Best Hotels and Restaurants in Bulgaria». The catalogue was pubished in 15 000 copies and on a CD. It represents the members of the Association and their colleagues throughout the country together with many partners of the Bulgarian tourism industry.